Aussie-Action-Kids and Wood Fired Coffee Christmas Discounts


We’ve got some exciting news brewing – quite literally!


It’s no secret that the Maxi Climber is our hottest product, but we’ve had a bit of a setback lately due to unforeseen circumstances.
A warehouse fire hit us hard, and while we’re incredibly grateful that no lives were lost, it has affected many livelihoods.

So, as we continue to get back on our feet, we wanted to treat you to something special, just in time for Christmas – a perfect blend of play and delight!  Wood Fired Coffee – A Local Treasure! ☕

Our friends over at Wood Fired Coffee, a fantastic local coffee roaster located on the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney, are offering all our Aussie Action Kids customers an exclusive 15% discount on their exceptional coffee products. Plus, they’re giving you the gift of free delivery for orders over $49!

Now, you might be wondering, why coffee? Well it’s simple, we firmly believe in starting the day with a great cup of coffee. And Wood Fired Coffee delivers just that.

Their Organic blend is a true masterpiece, and we can personally vouch for its quality. Barista-quality coffee, locally roasted, delivered straight to your door. It’s a blend that will have you hooked from the very first sip.

Here’s how it works: Use the discount code ‘Aussie Action Kids’ over at Wood Fired Coffee to enjoy 15% off their range. Remember, they offer free delivery for orders over $49, so stock up and savour that sweet coffee aroma!

A Perfect Blend of Play and Coffee

At Aussie Action Kids, we believe in making every day a little easier. So a morning filled with playtime and laughter on a play gym, coupled with sipping a cup of Wood Fired Coffee, we’ve got you covered!

Stay playful, stay caffeinated, and enjoy the perfect blend of life!


Director & Mum