Why we do what we do? Here’s our story!


It all began when my daughter turned five. Our backyard was a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with adventures. One day, my neighbor decided to part with their second-hand outdoor playset. To my surprise, it looked brand new, still shining with bright colors and as sturdy as ever.


Watching my daughter’s sheer delight as she played on it, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the quality and the joy it brought her. It sparked an idea. I set out to find the manufacturer and approached them about becoming a reseller. The fact that they were proudly Australian-made resonated with me, and our small business started to grow.

In no time, we became their number one national distributor, all thanks to our shared commitment to providing quality and joy to families across Australia.


Thirteen years later, our mission remains the same – to offer you a safe and pleasant online shopping experience. Our testimonials speak to our high standards of customer service, and we promise to address any issues promptly and efficiently.


As for the second-hand playset that started it all, it’s been passed from friend to friend, still as bright and sturdy as ever. It’s a testament to the enduring quality of Australian craftsmanship. Our journey is about bringing happiness to families, ensuring the quality that lasts, and inviting you to be part of our story, creating your own cherished memories that will stand the test of time.


Here’s to wonderful play times for you and the children in your care!

Thank you

Viv Grimston
Director & Owner

Aussie Action Kids Playgym with Sprinkler Bar - Love Life

Born 1999

Launched our 1st Online Store LaughAndPlayOutdoors.com.au

Grew fast

Local & overseas customers shopped our 185 products in store.

Quality products

We only sell quality products supported by the manufacturers.

2012 New launch

KidsOutdoorPlayEquipment.com.au was successfully launched for the Ampi  & Keter Brand of climbers.

2015 New clothes

Another fresh launch for KidsOutdoorPlayEquipment.com.au

2018 Aussie Action Kids Born

Change of name – Aussie Action Kids – and dedicated only to Australian Made Climbers.

Happy Customers