How can we help

How can we help?

There Are So Many Questions That Can Be Asked, And We Have Endeavoured To Answer All Questions On The Other Pages Of This Site That We Could Think Of And Then Some, However There Are A Few That Have Not Been Addressed - So We Hope The Following Completes The List.

Popular Questions

Popular Questions

General Questions

What communication do I receive after I have placed an order?


  1. 1. You will see a confirmation on your screen of your order summary
  2. 2. You will receive a copy of your order to your email address
  3. 3. You will receive an email outlining what happens next with your order and what communication to expect from Aussie Action Kids
  4. 4. If you are having your goods couriered, the courier will send you a tracking advice text or email from the courier
  5. 5. You either collect or receive to your door your play gym or picnic table
If I am collecting from one of the warehouses, how soon can I do that?
If product is in stock in the warehouse of choice, you can generally collect an hour after you have ordered. This give the warehouse time to process, pick the order and have it ready for you. Generally, pick up of stock is always available in Victoria. Malaga (Perth) and Carole Park (Bris) have stock turns fairly regularly coming in from Victoria, so we will notify you if it is available to collect, or if and what the delay may be.
Are there retails shops I can find Ampi Plastics Play Equipment in?
Ampi Plastics toddler Play Equipment is not available in any brick and mortar retail shops. The product is only available online. To work out the cost of freight, once you put your product int the cart, you can enter your postcode and it will calculate the shipping for you.  Or you can collect from Keysborough, Carole Park or Malaga.
How do I know how much freight will be for my Ampi products?
Once You Have Added A Product To Your Cart, There Is A Live Freight Calculator That Will Work Out The Shipping Costs For Your Goods To Be Couriered Directly To You. Your outdoor toddler play equipment will be directly delivered to your door. You also have the option to pick up from complete kits (not spare parts) from Keysborough, Carol Park or Malaga.
Can I easily get spare parts in the future for Ampi Plastics Play Equipment?
Yes you can get spare parts for the Ampi Plastics brand. Please visit our Spare Parts page for all Spare Parts for the Ampi Brand.


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