When hosting a birthday party for toddlers and preschoolers, it can be challenging to keep them entertained and engaged.


However, having a repertoire of easy and enjoyable children’s games on hand can save the day. Here are some exciting outdoor games that will captivate the little ones at your child’s next birthday party, ensuring hours of fun and laughter.

Dress-Up Three-Legged Race:

Kids love dress-up and make-believe, making this game a hit at parties. Have the children (and even yourself) dress up in fun and creative outfits, and organise a relay race. Form pairs and loosely secure one leg of each child together using fabric strips, creating the three-legged race effect. Encourage teamwork and coordination as they race to the finish line. The first pair to reach the post wins, providing an exciting and engaging activity for all.

Treasure Hunt:

A timeless favourite, the treasure hunt sparks children’s curiosity and sense of adventure. Create a designated area and secretly hide toys, sweets, or tokens beforehand. Gather the little ones and explain what they need to search for. Release them to explore and discover the hidden surprises. After the hunt, take stock of the treasures found to ensure nothing is left behind. This game adds an element of excitement and exploration to the party, leaving lasting memories.


Hopscotch is a classic and straightforward game that children enjoy playing. Use chalk to draw numbered squares on a paved area or allow the children to visualise the path for an added challenge. Place a stone on square two and take turns hopping on one foot from 1 to 10, skipping the square with the marker. Upon reaching the last square, hop around on the spot to return from 10 to 1, skipping the marked square again. Missing a square or hopping on a line results in losing a turn. The player with the most accurate performance wins!

To provide a space for resting and enjoying snacks, consider Aussie Action Kids’ picnic table.

It’s an excellent addition to your party setup, serving as a gathering spot for food or a platform for playing games. Check it out for your next party to ensure comfort and convenience for both children and adults.



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