Outdoor games for toddlers & preschoolers for Parties

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When you have a room full of toddlers and you are under pressure to keep them entertained, you can easily be stumped for ideas. Having a small repertoire of easy children's games can save you in a sticky situation. Here is a short list of helpful activities to engage the little ones at your child's next birthday party.

Dress up, three-legged race

Generally, all kids love dress-up and make-believe. This great game has the kids (and you) dress up in fun, ridiculously creative ways and run a relay. First one to the post wins! This game is an easy one to engage able-bodied kids with and get everyone moving. Keep some fabric strips handy as each child is paired off and one of each of their legs are loosely secured together, forming three legs. This game takes teamwork so kids will get to experience and learn how to work together to get to the finish line.

Treasure hunt

It's an old favourite that never fails. Kids love a surprise and this game allows their curiosity to really come out. Fence off an area for the hunt and spend some time (without the kids seeing) hiding some toys, sweets or tokens. Bring the little ones out and let them know what they are looking for (otherwise you'll be there all day). Let them loose! Afterwards, it's a good idea to count how many surprises were found so you can collect the leftovers.


A very easy favourite to play. You can use chalk to draw up the numbered squares on a paved area or if your kids are used to the game they might be able to visualise the path for an extra challenge. Simply take a stone and place it over square two. Then hop on one foot from 1-10 missing the square with the marker. Upon reaching the last square, hop around on the spot so you can hop from 10-1, missing the marked square again. If you hop on a line or miss the square, you lose a turn. Then, pass the marker to the next person. The most accurate wins!

When your little ones need a Rest

Aussie Action Kids have a great picnic table to serve food or play games on. Check it out for your next party.

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  1. What a great list of outdoor games which you have shared in the blog. My kids love playing Hopscotch & Treasure Hunt Game in our backyard. In this digital world, kids spend most of their time playing with different apps & games which indirectly have a bad impact on their overall development. It is important to maintain a perfect balance of activities of kids to develop their physical as well as mental growth. Thanks for sharing this!

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