Keeping active young ones attentive, engaged, and learning essential co-ordination skills is a crucial part of childcare.


Incorporating active outdoor games provides opportunities for children to develop teamwork, listening skills, and co-ordination, laying the foundation for future activities. In addition to classic games like Simon Says and Hokey Pokey, outdoor play equipment such as the Maxi Climber offers interactive and creative play experiences for groups of children, fostering social interaction and physical development.

Co-ordination Games for Childcare:

Simon Says:

A timeless game enjoyed by generations, Simon Says remains popular with young children today. Gather a group of preschoolers and explain the copy-cat style instructions using language they can understand. Start as “Simon” and call out commands for the kids to copy. For example, “Simon Says, clap your hands!” or “Simon Says, find a leaf!” If you give a command without saying “Simon Says” and someone completes it, they must sit out. This game teaches listening skills, call and response, and good sportsmanship. Consider passing the role of “Simon” to different children, allowing them to experience responsibility and leadership.

Hokey Pokey:

Another beloved sing-along game, the Hokey Pokey, brings joy and movement to childcare settings. Sing along to the familiar tune and follow the instructions, putting body parts “in” and “out” as directed. For example, “You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in, and you shake it all about!” Clap along with the music and repeat the process with different body parts. This game enhances co-ordination and rhythm while creating a fun and lively atmosphere.

Incorporating Climbing and Crawling:

Integrating colourful play equipment, such as the Maxi Climber, with the co-ordination games mentioned above can provide an excellent learning and play experience for toddlers and preschoolers. The Maxi Climber offers interactive features, including crawling tunnels, climbing walls, seats, and slides. Children can crawl through the climber, climb walls, ascend the stairs, and slide down, promoting gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and imaginative play. The Maxi Climber creates endless fun for energetic children, encouraging active play and social interaction.

Engaging toddlers and preschoolers in outdoor co-ordination games at childcare centres offers a multitude of benefits.

Simon Says and Hokey Pokey provide opportunities for teamwork, listening skills, and co-ordination development. Coupled with colourful play equipment like the Maxi Climber, children can enjoy interactive and creative play experiences, fostering social interaction, physical development, and imaginative play. By incorporating these games and equipment, childcare centres can create an engaging and inclusive environment where children learn, grow, and have fun together.



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