Outdoor Co-Ordination games for toddlers and preschoolers in childcare

Climbing through the Maxi Climber with Aussie Action Kids Toddler Outdoor PLay Equipment

What Active Outdoor Co-Ordination Games can we play at Childcare?

There are no many options to keep active young ones attentive, playing and learning co-ordination skills and team play that are the foundation for so many future activities. Here we have co-ordination games such as ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Hokey Pokey’. In our other article about outdoor games for toddlers and preschoolers, we list more good ‘ol fashion games they can play together without any equipment.
If you want a piece of equipment that will have 5-6 children able to interact together and play, have a look at the Maxi Climber. It is 2 climbers joined to make one big climber. It is fabulous with 2 slides and stairs, door holes and climbing walls. Super Fun, lots of interaction and creative play opportunities!

Children between the ages of one and three years old are at the peak of their sponge-like learning years. While they are involved heavily with other toddlers at childcare, it is the ideal time for them to learn educational and interactive games. Here are just a few to engage them in sharing and teamwork.

Simon Says

Most people will remember Simon Says as a game from their own childhood, and it is still remarkably popular with younger children today. The steps are simple; gather a group of preschoolers and explain the copy-cat style instructions in language for them to understand. First, you begin as ‘Simon’ and call out commands for the kids to copy. For example ‘Simon Says, clap your hands!’, ‘Simon Says, find a leaf!’. If you call a command without saying ‘Simon Says’ and someone completes it, they must sit out. The options can be very vast and creative, so it is a good game to keep young minds engaged for longer. This teaches the need for listening, call and response and good playing ethics. For some groups, the position of ‘Simon’ can be passed around for each child to experience responsibility.

Hokey Pokey

Another memorable game from many childhoods is the sing-a-long style game, the Hokey Pokey. The words are as follows:

“You put your left foot in,
You put your left foot out,
You put your left foot in, and you shake it all about!
You do the Hokey Pokey
And you turn yourself around
That’s what it’s all about!”

The music can be found easily online to sing along with.

While singing you and the little ones follow along with the instructions of putting one’s foot ‘in’ the circle and back out again, following with the arms, head, bottom or any part of the body. This can be a really fun game to raise spirits. Remember to clap along with the syllables of ‘that’s what it’s all about’ and get ready to start again!

Climbing & Crawling

Fantastic games like the above can be incorporated with colourful play equipment like the Aussie Action Kids Maxi Climber to encourage younger minds to learn and play. The Children can crawl through the climber, climb the walls, pull themselves up onto the seat and slides down the slide. Run around to the other side and climb the stairs and jump into the middle of the climber again. Endless fun for energetic ones!


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  1. Loved all the outdoor games which you have shared in the blog. Kids will have a great time these games for long hours. It is very much important to engage kids in activities which educate them about skills like team work & coordination. Bookmarked your blog to enjoy these fun games with my kids in our backyard. Thank you so much for making outdoor play a lot more exciting for all kids.

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