Outdoor Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Christmas with Aussie Action Kids Toddler Outdoor play equipment

What are the best Outdoor Present Ideas for Christmas for Toddlers?

Given the trend towards giving more and more digital devices to little fingertips, and teaching them to learn and play on a screen at any time of the day, an outdoor adventure gift is the perfect give to engage tactile, creative and active play. Which many say is a whole learning experience on it’s own!

With Christmas fast approaching, grownups are now in search of memorable gifts that will make the children in their lives squeal with delight. The festive season is the perfect time to give outdoor Christmas gifts for toddlers that will not only stir their curiosity but will also strengthen their immune system, engage their senses, and develop their motor skills.

More and more researches are pointing out the perils of toddlers playing with devices for a long period of time. While gadgets are great tools for learning, too much usage can lead to developmental delays and disconnection from the outside world. Outdoor play is a crucial part of childhood as it lets kids experience joy, wonder, and adventure.

Some of our bestselling outdoor presents that you may consider are:

Children’s Picnic Table Kids Outdoor Furniture

This lightweight picnic table may be quickly convertedĀ to a rocker.

Toddler Picnic Table by Aussie Action Kids

It’s like having two toys for the price of one! This kiddie furniture may seat up to four kids. How about hosting a tea party for the little ones?

Kids picnic table by aussie action kids

Maxi Climber Outdoor Playgym

This activity centre provides hours of thrilling play. You can even turn it into a makeshift water park by simply attaching a sprinkler. This climber helps kids practice their balance and trains them to coordinate their body movements.

Maxi Climber by Aussie Action Kids

Activity Play Gym

Let your kids’ creativity blossom with this play gym that’s easy to assemble. As with all Aussie Action Kids toys, no tools are required to set them up. Putting together the pieces is as easy as ABC.

Outdorr Playgym by Aussie Action Kids

Our outdoor toys are guaranteed to last for years. Apart from being sturdy, the toys have a 1-year manufacturing warranty and a 2-year UV resistant rating, which ensures that their colours will remain vibrant regardless of weather conditions.

Nature is the best teacher and by giving our kids opportunities for unstructured play, surely they will have remarkable discoveries. They will similarly learn how to be independent, self-confident, and respectful of their peers and surroundings. Instead of filling your children’s Christmas stockings with forgetful toys, why not opt for fun stuff that will have a lasting impact in their childhood?

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  1. These are some really interesting outdoor games for kids. It promotes physical activity and can help kids with their overall development as they grow. Thanks for sharing!

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