Aussie-Action-Kids: what's inside the ACTIVITY PLAY GYM


The Activity Play Gym is a beloved favourite among children,

offering endless fun and excitement.


Let’s dive in and discover why this play gym is a source of laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments for children.

Climbing Walls:

The play gym features climbing walls that offer a thrilling challenge for children as they navigate their way up. Climbing promotes physical strength, balance, and coordination.


The inclusion of slides adds an element of excitement and adventure to the play gym. Children can experience the thrill of sliding down and enjoy the rush of adrenaline.

Sturdy Structure:

The play gym is built with durability in mind, ensuring a sturdy structure that can withstand active play and provide a safe environment for children.

Interactive Elements:

The Activity Play Gym encourages imaginative play with interactive elements. Children can let their creativity soar as they engage in pretend play and create their own stories and adventures.

Water Fun:

With the option to attach a sprinkler, the play gym transforms into a refreshing water play area. Children can cool down while enjoying the exhilaration of water splashing around them.

Promoting Kids Outdoor Play:

Engaging children in outdoor play is vital for their development and overall well-being. The Activity Play Gym offers a convenient and enjoyable way to encourage kids to spend time outdoors, benefiting from fresh air and physical activity. Ampi Plastic equipment, including the Activity Play Gym, provides a safe and engaging environment for children to unleash their energy, foster creativity, and develop important motor skills.

The Activity Play Gym is a source of pure joy and excitement for children. Its climbing walls, slides, sturdy structure, and interactive elements create an environment that sparks imagination and promotes active play.

With the option to add water fun through a sprinkler attachment, children can experience the joy of water play as well. Investing in Ampi Plastic equipment like the Activity Play Gym allows parents and caregivers to provide children with an enriching outdoor play experience that is both safe and enjoyable. So, let the laughter and fun begin as children explore the exciting world of the Activity Play Gym!



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