Backyard Games for Toddlers

Aussie Action Kids with Backyard Games for Toddlers

4 days til Spring everyone!! Which means we are fast approaching summer and our favourite time of the year – Christmas! As the days get longer and the kids are ready to burst forth with their bottled up energy, it is time to get outside. Here are some fun backyard games for toddlers to get you started for the outdoor season.

Water balloon piñata

This is a fun one for hotter weather. Simply fill a handful of water balloons and tie them up somewhere the little ones can reach. Arm the kids with a stick and set a time limit that the child needs to break all the balloons in. You can add extra rules as a challenge like wearing a blindfold. Whoever breaks the most water balloons in the time given wins.

Painting stones

For this cute activity, you just need a flat surface, some non-toxic craft paint and some flat surfaced rocks. You can get involved and show the kids some designs of houses, animals or just fun colour. The kids will love sitting in the sunshine and painting their imagination ideas onto rocks to keep or give as a present later.

Cubby House Climbers

Young children absolutely love to climb and exercise their legs. The Maxi Climber from Aussie Action Kids is perfect for a group of kids to play ‘king of the castle’. They can climb up all sides and this climber has a connection for the hose so it doubles as a fun sprinkler. Kids can escape the heat and cool down while having so much fun with their siblings or friends.

Activity play gym

For a smaller space, you might be taken by the Activity Play Gym, also by Aussie Action Kids. This neat play corner is ideal for outdoor games as it is neutral in theme and allows you and little ones to transform it from a boat to an obstacle course. It has a convenient sprinkler bar again so you can just plug the hose in. The Play Gym can be used with or without the sprinkler feature and has a sturdy structure for most surfaces.

This great play gym can be used for climbing on or, for more adventurous kids, jumping (or flying) from.

Need a Toddler ‘House’?

Sometimes our kids just want their own ‘house’. Their own space with a roof they can go and hide in, but still have a slide and stairs in and out, with an optional door frame to crawl through. We totally get that! We have often thought it would be fun to have a fireman’s pole in the house from the 1st level to the ground 🙂

The Activity Playhouse provides a cool ‘my space’ for the kids. It has a roof and a slide / stairs. Combine that with their own toddler picnic table and ‘wha-la’ – they could be occupied for hours of fun and creativity!

Happy Spring as you get ready for Summer Fun!

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  1. Loved all your games which you have shared. Great way to engage kids for long hours enjoying these games. Our family play many different activities on weekends. From our daily busy schedule, this is the time we all come together & enjoy these moments. Your list has definitely given me many more new & fun games to enjoy with all in our backyard. Thanks for sharing such ideas with us!

  2. All the backyard games which you have shared in the blog sounds so much fun. Kids will have a great time playing these games for long hours. Due to technological advancements, kids are more inclined towards online & video games. These games have a bad impact on overall development of a child. To keep kids fit & healthy, it is very much important to play games which involve some kind of physical movements. Your blog has provided with lots of amazing ideas to make outdoor play lot more exciting for my kids. Thanks!

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