Spring is just around the corner, with summer following closely behind, making it the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors!


As the days grow longer and your little ones’ energy reaches its peak, why not engage them in some exciting backyard games? Here are some delightful and interactive activities that will keep toddlers entertained and active during this outdoor season.

Water Balloon Piñata:

Bring on the heat with a thrilling water balloon piñata game. Simply fill several water balloons and hang them within reach of the little ones. Armed with a stick, set a time limit for the children to burst as many balloons as they can. For added challenge and excitement, consider introducing rules like blindfolding participants. The child who pops the most water balloons within the allotted time wins!

Painting Stones:

Unleash your toddler’s creativity and embrace the warm sunshine by engaging in the adorable activity of painting stones. With a flat surface, non-toxic craft paint, and smooth rocks, children can explore their imagination and create designs of houses, animals, or vibrant colours. This activity not only provides fun in the present moment but also allows for cherished keepsakes or thoughtful presents to be shared later.

Cubby House Climbers:

Watch your little adventurers thrive with the Maxi Climber from Aussie Action Kids. Designed for young children who love to climb and engage their leg muscles, this play structure is perfect for a group of kids to enjoy a game of “king of the castle.” With multiple sides to conquer, the climber also features a hose connection, transforming it into an exciting sprinkler. Let the kids beat the heat and have a blast with their siblings or friends in this cool and dynamic outdoor play set.

Activity Play Gym:

When space is limited, the Activity Play Gym comes to the rescue. This versatile play corner allows you and your little ones to create an outdoor adventure. Whether transforming it into a boat or an obstacle course, the Play Gym offers endless possibilities. With the added convenience of a sprinkler bar, the fun can continue while keeping cool. This sturdy and adaptable structure caters to most surfaces, encouraging climbing, jumping, and endless imaginative play.

Toddler ‘House’ Dream:

Give your children a space to call their own with the Activity Playhouse. Featuring a roof, a slide, and stairs, this playhouse offers a delightful retreat for little ones seeking their own special haven. Complete the experience with a toddler picnic table, and voila! Hours of fun and creativity await, allowing your kids to embark on exciting adventures right in their own backyard.

As the blossoming of spring ushers in the joys of summer, embrace the spirit of the season by engaging your toddlers in these captivating backyard games.

From bursting water balloons to unleashing artistic talents and exploring exciting play structures, Aussie Action Kids offers an array of options that foster fun, physical activity, and creativity. So, let the warm weather and boundless imagination create everlasting memories of laughter and joy in your outdoor haven. Happy Spring, and get ready for a summer filled with endless fun and excitement!



Director & Mum